The Cheshire Gap Story

True delicatessens are real – and – rare.

In 1994 an Italian gentlemen established a delicatessen in the lower side of Macclesfield not knowing that in 1900 one was established there previously.

With a background in catering from an early age and an Italian flair it quickly established itself as a fabulous traditional food emporium. The business changed hands in 1998 and with help and advice and determination has carried on in the same professional way ever since.

Each week local people flock to ‘The Cheshire Gap Deli’ to dine in the delightful caffé on our famous antipasto or feast on the most delectable sandwiches and every customer is satisfied, with the knowledge of what makes us truly a magnificent Deli.

The Cheshire Gap’s reputation is based not on longevity, but on quality. We select the best cuts of meats and cook in house and continue this through with all the vast array of other fine foods we sell.